Bohemian Punk Vintage Borgia Ring with Hidden Compartment Accessories


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Turkish Compartment Ring

Turkish Hidden compartment ring made of silver for him will raise his curiosity. It is shaped like a regular wedding band and has hidden compartments on the inside that you can use to hide small items, like photographs or a small moment. 

Some call it a Borgia Ring because of the compartment. The Borgia Ring got its name from L Borgia, born in 1519 to the Borgia family. Lucrezia Borgia stored poison in the ring.  (see the story for the full story). The Borgia ring then reappears later as a mystical enchanted ring. In the original 1959 movie, The Shaggy Dog, the Borgia Ring turns a man into a dog. More in this in the story.  

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The Borgia Ring gets its name from the notorious Borgia family of Renaissance Italy. The ring is said to have been given to Lucrezia Borgia by her father, Pope Alexander VI, and was said to be used by her to control her lovers. The Borgia family was known for their corruption and scandal, and the ring is said to be a symbol of that. While the authenticity of the ring is disputed, it remains a fascinating piece of history.

She grew up in the lavish and corrupt papal court, surrounded by intrigue and political rivalries. Despite this tumultuous upbringing, Lucrezia was renowned for her beauty and intelligence and became skilled at using poison rings to dispose of her enemies.

At the age of 17, Lucrezia was married to a powerful nobleman named Alfonso d’Este, who became Duke of Ferrara. Despite her reputation as a ruthless and scheming figure, she quickly won over her husband and his family with her charm and grace. Their marriage was reportedly a happy one, and they had several children together. She died at age 39 in 1519.

 The Ring reappears in Disney’s movies as an enchanted ring that can transform you. In  The Shaggy Dog, a black-and-white 1959 Walt Disney film about Wilby Daniels, a teenage boy is transformed into an Old English Sheepdog by an enchanted ring of the Borgias. 
It reappears in 1994 in the Remake of The Shaggy Dog



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