Seasonal Vibration of Gems and Jewelry

Seasonal Vibration of Gems and Jewelry

Feb 12, 2023

Celebrate Autumn Red,  Frequency of the Season

At a Necklace for me we are celebrating our first Fall in business with a super Autumn Sale that includes a selection from our Fall Trends. We start off this Fall season examining the vibration of this seasons’ color and stones.

Exploring the vibration of bright reds, deep ambers and vibrant yellows let’s take a deeper review into color vibration of the Autumnal season. We’re looking at Red, Orange and Yellow. These colors are at the lower end of the frequency scale.

Vibration of Red

Scientists have learned how to measure the frequency of color.  As for the color red, it literally vibrates at a lower frequency than any of the other primary colors.   An author reporting on light frequency notes that “Red light has the lowest energy, frequency, vibration and the longest wavelength of all the visible light.”

So what does this mean?

Spiritual leader and Huff Post contributor Pamela Dussault Runtagh, says “the lower the frequency, the denser your energy, and the heavier your problems seem.  That may be true. This is likely because you are focused on the root of problems instead of potential solutions.
Basically the red jewelry you are wearing around your neck or on your hands, belly, or toes may actually vibrate at a lower frequency than your other jewelry.
Red is also the color of humans’ spiritual energy centers called Chakras. The root chakra at the base of our spine is visualized as being red. It keeps us grounded and safe.
The lower frequency may demonstrate closeness to earth and grounded feelings, though these may change to feelings of heaviness if you’re not careful.

It is the season for fun parties with friends and loved ones, dressing up and pretending, it is such a exciting holiday. One of our most popular collections includes our selection of jewelry inspired by the Vampire Diaries series.

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