What makes Sterling Silver 925?

What makes Sterling Silver 925?

Jan 5, 2023

What is 925 sterling silver and why is it important

When you see 925 stamped on your jewelry, it tells you the quality of the silver used. The stamped 925 number indicates the purity of the silver used in the piece of jewelry to which it has been stamped, or its maker – though today, hallmarks are no longer compulsory. The system is now voluntary, but many people continue to use sterling silver made up of 92.5% silver and the rest of the alloys that are added to make the metal stronger.

The 925 sterling silver is known as 925/1000, which means 925 out of 1000 parts are pure silver and the rest will be made up of other metals used to strengthen the items. 925 sterling silver is considered the purest form of silver and people preferred to use it for their products such as jewelry. It was seen that after a certain period, 925 sterling silver started breaking down and the product became unusable. To rectify this problem, 958 was introduced, which gives you 92.5% purity but has extra copper in it to make the piece more durable. This alloy can be used along with 925 silver for making products like rings and necklaces without any issues.

History of the Hallmark

The 925 sterling silver hallmark was first used in Florence, Italy, in the 12th century. Many people of the time had started using silver and gold for their jewelry and items and they needed a way to mark them so that their origin could be traced. This hallmark number can also be seen on coins made from silver or gold, indicating the percentage of each.

How is it used today?

Today the 925 hallmarks is still used. 925 sterling silver is considered to be the purest form of silver and people prefer to use 925 sterling silver for their jewelry and other silver ornaments. 958 sterling silver is sometimes used as a replacement for 925, but 958 is more durable than 925 due to the addition of extra copper in it.


Sterling Silver Today

You will find some of the best jewelry set in 925 sterling silver. It provides a sturdy setting for semi-precious and precious gems like lapis Lazuli, citrine and moissanite.

Enjoy sterling silver. Brush it often and know that you have the best possible silver metal for your jewelry, when you see the 925 stamp.

925 hallmarks is still used by most manufacturers across the world because they want their products to be made from the purest form of silver available at that time, 925 sterling silver.

Next time you see 925 stamped on your jewelry, you will understand this shows the quality of the silver used.

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