Supporting Girls in Sierra Leone | Girls Freedom

Supporting Girls in Sierra Leone | Girls Freedom

Jan 5, 2023

Gender-Based Violence

Schools in Sierra Leone continue to be a hotbed for gender-based violence according recent statistics compiled by the United Nations. The organization defines such abuse as harmful acts directed at individuals based solely on their genders, which stem from inequality everywhere around us – especially when it comes down between male versus female. GBV happens when society’s norms and expectations conflicts with one another over power dynamics played out at school.

The Issues

When the girls in these communities are separated from each other during their monthly menstrual cycle, it becomes difficult for them to maintain access and hygiene. The lack of a proper solution can be humiliating as well which causes many women-especially those who live far away from cities or have less resources -to stay at home while on period because there is no way around this issue without help and support networks outside our current system. This isolates young ladies even more, so that they must rely solely upon themselves with all things concerning feminine needs: schoolwork ,clean clothes/underwear etc., leaving less time available than boys have.

Girls Freedom Initiative

The Girls Freedom Initiative (GFI) was created to empower young women and girls in countries where education is not accessible. The initiative works with educators, nonprofits, businesses – anyone who wants change for these aspiring generations of global leaders.

Girls freedom initiative report is an international program that strives to empower girls in Sierra Leone, using the Building Skills for Life model. This 9 to 19 program works with local partners and focuses on reducing gender based violence by empowering young ladies 9 through 19 years old who are at risk or experiencing GBV today.

Core Areas of Focus

The four core areas this program focuses upon include attaining quality basic education; escaping domestic abuse/power imbalance from other sources such as parents etc., getting access healthy food options & physical exercise which will help them grow strong physically + emotionally.

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