Sharon’s Freedom for Her Story one of Illness & Recovery

Sharon’s Freedom for Her Story one of Illness & Recovery

Jan 5, 2023

Sharon tells the story of how she was sick with an illness that kept her from getting ahead. She had to pay for therapy. Then she got a loan from the Freedom for Her program at the Ishaka Health Plan. It made all the difference in the world.

The motto is “a Necklace for Me is Freedom for Her”. The “Freedom for Her” part is the Girls Freedom initiative. We fund two programs supporting girls and women, one in East and West Africa. The Ishaka Health Plan implements our revolving fund program in rural Uganda.

Now we can share with you our successes as we continue to make a difference! Buy from offering Affordable and fun, fine jewelry. Our Motto is “a Necklace for Me means Freedom for Her.” One of the beneficiaries, tells her story of how the IHP Revolving Fund for Women has made a difference in her life. Sharon fell ill in 2015 and had no money for treatment. Years passed as she slowly got worse as treatment was expensive and incomplete. Then she heard about the microloan program in her community.

We are very excited to share with you a video from our friends at the Ishaka Health Plan. These are the friends and colleagues who implement our programs.

They are dedicated to assisting those around them who are living in poverty. The community often calls them the “Healthy Plan”. I have known these folks for 20 years through my work with NIH funded AIDS Clinical Trials Group and now GHL Solutions.

Kakunta Daniel is a true friend, a dedicated social worker and a Christian who serves the people of his community in Ishaka Town and beyond in the Bushenyi District. He collaborates with local health officials to implement financial support programs from health insurance to micro loans. They have changed the lives of many. I cannot say enough.

The Ishaka Health Plan sells health insurance in low-income communities, where no health planning options exist. The program has been active for almost 20 years. But, because the cost to run the health plan are high, each year there is a deficit. In 2017, the board was looking to diversify to help cover healthcare costs. It chose to create a revolving fund.

The idea was a small 8% loan would provide enough interest to offset the health plan’s annual costs. Global Health Liaisons recommended that the board in create a revolving fund and then provide monetary support in the form of a loan and continued advisory support. The revolving fund is very popular. All of the money is loaned out and there is a line to borrow.

As of mid-2021, they have not had enough profit and cannot get bank funding to expand. In July 2021, Global Health Liaisons partnered IHP with A Richer Me, Inc. This company has an online jewelry store that supports programs that help women deal with gender-based violence.

The motto is “ is “Freedom for Her”. The “Freedom for Her” initiative funds two programs supporting girls and women, one in East and West Africa.


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