New Video from Africa Revolving Loan Project

New Video from Africa Revolving Loan Project

Jan 5, 2023

Freedom for Her

Revolving Loan Program for Women in Poverty

Hi, I’m Christina Blanchard, co-owner of A Richer Me, Inc. and A Necklace for Me with Ms. Morgan Horan from Miss Morgan’s Place for young-child education. We are very excited to share with you a video from our friends at the Ishaka Health Plan. These are the friends and colleagues who implement our programs. They are dedicated to assisting those around them who are living in poverty. The community often calls them the “Healthy Plan”. I have known these folks for 20 years through my work with NIH funded AIDS Clinical Trials Group and now GHL Solutions. Kakunta Daniel is a true friend, a dedicated social worker and a Christian who serves the people of his community in  Ishaka Town and beyond in the Bushenyi District. He collaborates with local health officials to implement financial support programs from health insurance to micro loans. They have changed the lives of many. I cannot say enough.

Over the years, we had observed a true need for access to cash. In particular, women often do not own land. So, they have no assets to borrow money.

A few years ago, we established a loan program. We called it the Freedom for Her Revolving fund. It has been facilitated by our sister company and implemented by our colleagues in Uganda.

You can be assured that your purchases make a difference. I wanted to show this to you! It made me cry. I had no idea such small amounts could make such a big difference. We just sent another donation.  Here is shy Lillian, her story interpreted from her native language.




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