African Women & Children

African Women & Children

Jan 5, 2023

While talking with someone about our store today, I realized that our story had not really been told. Morgan and I started this jewelry store because we wanted to do some good while offering products of value.

Our international projects are founded in my 25 years of work in Africa and Asia. While helping to build important HIV clinical research teams in more than a dozen countries, I learned about ways that I could make a difference. I’ve decided to use the blog to tell a little about our projects. Maybe I’ll start with our India project with Ekam. 

For about 10 years I supported clinical work in Chennai and Pune India through our HIV work. During that time I recognized a great need for health services. I came to know an organization with a big heart, great intentions, and lots of motivation. They really get things done. Ekam started in India, but they now have hubs all over the world to support their efforts. I got to know Ekam USA.

Ekam USA is working with colleagues in India to meet maternal and child health needs. What does that mean? It means giving mothers a clean safe place to give birth and providing nutrition and healthcare to children. 

Ekam has pivoted to work on the COVID emergency. They have gotten emergency oxygen to hospitals to serve people with COVID. They created a face mask distribution campaign “Face the Pandemic Masked Together”.  A Necklace for Me is donated between 5% and 10% of all sales to our causes. 

We will continue to serve our customers and provide them with a way to give back when they purchase from our store. Thank you all for your support!

Christina Blanchard

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