Are Moissanite Diamonds Right for You?

Are Moissanite Diamonds Right for You?

Dec 5, 2022

Do you want a ring that will make all your friends jealous? Are you looking for something that is as sparkly as a diamond, but isn’t as expensive? Then you should consider getting a moissanite diamond! These beautiful gems are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Keep reading to find out more about them.

What is Moissanite?

They’re not actually diamonds, but that doesn’t mean moissanite diamonds are not beautiful. In fact, some say moissanite diamonds look even better than the real thing! They also come in a variety of colors, so if you’re looking for something unique, a moissanite diamond is definitely the way to go. But before you make your decision, there are a few things to consider…

Moissanite is a mineral, gem quality silicon carbide, found only in meteor sites until recently. Moissanite, in its natural form is rare, discovered only in a few rocks from upper mantle rock to meteorites.” Wikipedia says, “The crystalline structure is held together with strong covalent bonding similar to diamonds,[5] that allows moissanite to withstand high pressures up to 52.1 gigapascals.[5][14] ”

That is why moissanite is so often compared with diamonds. They are almost as strong as diamonds and they are also almost as brilliant.

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 Is Moissanite Hard?

When it comes to picking out the perfect engagement ring, there are a lot of things to consider. You want something that is beautiful and unique, but you also have to think about the practical aspects of the ring. One question that often comes up is whether or not moissanite is hard enough to withstand everyday wear. Here’s what you need to know.

Moissanite has superior hardness and is compared only to diamonds. This makes it a good choice for heirloom quality jewelry. Moissanite is extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking.

Is Moissanite Brilliant?

As with diamonds, moissanite colors can vary widely. Gem specialists grade them on a scale from D to K on the same as the diamond color grading scale.[15]   

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What is the best way to tell a Moissanite from a Natural Diamond?

The best way to tell moissanite apart from a diamond is to use a loupe to look through the top, or the crown of the gem at an angle. If you are looking an moissanite, you will see two slightly blurred lines that indicates a double refraction.

Does moissanite lose its sparkle?

Moissanite doesn’t lose lose its sparkle over time. It will remain clear and the color bright as long as you keep it clean and damage free. Dirt and grime are the most common way to impact the ring’s sparkle, that is until it is cleaned. Damaging the surface of moissanite can also inhibit sparkle.

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral called silicon carbide. It was first discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan, discovered moissanite in 1893 at an Arizona site of a gigantic meteorite strike. It was named after Dr. Moissan.

Is moissanite durable?

Moissanite is one of the toughest known gemstones which makes it perfect for an engagement ring, a piece of jewelry that is usually worn every day. Studies in high pressure research have shown that moissanite stone is highly resistant to breaking and chipping.

Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

If you are looking for a diamond that doesn’t have the natural diamond price tag, you’ve found your answer. Moissanite is the only gemstone that passes as a diamond.

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